Cartagena, Colombia

Contemporary kitchen
inspired in Colombia

The Colombian Caribbean
Inspires Us

In an intimate, exclusive and elegant space located in a traditional colonial home in Cartagena's historic downtown, Carmen offers contemporary cuisine inspired by Colombia's biodiversity and rich culinary culture with a special focus on the flavors and ingredients of the Colombian Caribbean. In any of our 3 welcoming ambiances and with our even more welcoming staff, Carmen guarantees a unique experience in Cartagena's walled city, accompanied by an original and locally inspired craft cocktail program featuring tropical and refreshing creations.

Our Menu

Our menu is a journey through Colombia's biodiverse and complex regions, paying homage to the flavors and ingredients of the Colombian Caribbean. Local fisherman, small producers and farmers, as well as regional artisans are celebrated in each unique and delicious dish that represents the flavors, traditions and culinary culture of our country.

About Us

These are the people who put their heart and soul into making sure that your experience with us at Carmen Cartagena is unforgettable, delicious and enjoyable.

Our goal is to be one of the most important culinary destinations in Colombia where gastronomic creativity and a modern and cozy ambiance unite to offer our guests a unique and delicious experience. We want to create gastronomic experiences that reflect the flavors and diversity of our country, working directly with the artisans, producers, farmers and fisherman that make our craft and art possible in the first place. We want to continue to raise the bar every day in connecting with the ingredients and products that represent the rich biodiversity of Colombia's regions and promote sustainability by concrete actions that contribute to a better world, for our environment and community. Every member of our team is committed to these missions, therefore our philosophy is to unite ourselves with passionate people that are dedicated to an evolutive process, professionally and personally.